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A term used to describe partial or complete collapse of the lung, usually due to an obstruction of a bronchus (with mucus plug, infection or cancer). Atelectasis is commonly seen immediately in the post-operative period in … 2019-04-25 Medical terminology Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. 2020-05-18 atelectasis 1. The absence of gas from all or part of the lung, due to failure of expansion of the alveoli. 2. A congenital condition characterized by incomplete expansion of the lungs. 2015-04-18 Atelectasis is defined as “diminished volume affecting all or part of a lung, which may or may not include loss of normal lucency in the affected part of lung (this finding is not to be confused with diminished volume produced by resection of pulmonary tissue)” ().The term is derived from the Greek words ateles and ektasis and means “incomplete expansion” (2–4).

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Atelectasis, for example, is  Apr 25, 2019 Pneumothorax is the medical term most people associate with a lung collapse but actually means “air in the pleura space causing your lungs to  Oct 22, 2020 The term atelectasis is derived from the Greek words ateles and ektasis, which mean incomplete expansion. Atelectasis is defined as  Pulmonary Atelectasis: A Pathogenic Perioperative Entity. Michelle Duggan In this situation, the impaired oxygenation can be expressed in terms of Pao2. The cause of the Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2002; 166:1556–62. 35. Williams EM chest pain. Seek prompt medical care if you are being treated for a collapsed lung but mild symptoms recur or are persistent.

Full article >>> Accordingly, atelectasis can decrease the level of oxygen in the blood. A common cause of atelectasis is a blockage of one of the tubes (bronchi) that atelectasis defined by Medical Dictionary Online. Dictionary results for atelectasis and medical related terminology.

Pulmonary Atelectasis in General Anaesthesia: Clinical

Risk factors included complete injury, tetraplegia, older age, concomitant illness, and violent injury. 24 sentence examples: 1.

Pulmonary Atelectasis in General Anaesthesia: Clinical

Atelectasis medical term

When and How Medical Ventilators Are Needed. Swedish-English dictionary sometimes occurs, and when it does, prompt medical attention is important.

Atelectasis medical term

With that being said, the worst case scenario is ongoing atelectasis, which can lead to further infection. For those suffering with a chronic lung disease , the question of what is atelectasis can hold a more dire meaning. Atelectasis is a fairly common condition that happens when tiny sacs in your lungs, called alveoli, don't inflate.
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Name: What is atelectasis and how does this condition appear?

Pronunciation: at′ilek′təsis. Body System: Respiratory. Terms in this set (13) Atelectasis definition. Partial or complete collapse of alveoli.

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